DEEPGEN: Autonomous idro-electrical power generator for underwater devices

Programma Operativo Regionale POR-FESR (2007-2013) DLTM (2012) - Asse 1 Innovazione e Competitività, Bando D.L.T.M. - Azione 1.2.2 “Ricerca industriale e sviluppo sperimentale a favore delle imprese del Distretto Ligure per le Tecnologie Marine (DLTM)”

Main contractor: Selmar srl
The DEEPGEN system provide electrical energy to underwater dveices exploiting the marine currents which are present in the water column. Equipped by an autonomous positing mechanism along the vertical, it allows to maximize the generation efficiency on the base of the current profile.
Inside the project, On AIR role is:

  • to define a predictive model for the current speed
  • to develop algorithms for the optimization of the vertical positioning
  • to implement the whole logic of the system on an embedded CPU