PLUG-IN: Urban Mobility Platform with Information Management from Hetereogeneous Sources

MIUR - Legge 297/13 "Ricerca industriale nell’ambito del distretto tecnologico per i sistemi intelligenti integrati"

Main contractor: SIIT - Partners: OnAIR and many other companies of SIIT
The main aim of the PLUG-IN project is the design and the realization of an urban mobility platform able to integrate data from heterogeneous sources. The platform estimates the current state of the traffic, forecasts the evolution, defines possible strategies to manage congestions and provides in real-time information, both for the community or personalized, to all the users.
Inside the project, On AIR is involved in the following tasks:

  • railway network state estimation and delay forecasting at the stations
  • train speed optimization to save energy and avoid power faults
  • train speed adaptation in order to mantain connections with the public trasports

    Project poster