SmartNautilos is the Voyage Optimization solution offered by OnAIR, after a collaboration with the Electrical, Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering and Naval Architecture Department (DITEN) of the Genova University. It fully plans the route of a ship on the basis of expected weather conditions, taking into account the ship hydrodynamic and propulsion characteristics. Route planning is achieved by minimizing an assigned objective function (e.g. total consumption), consistent with the timing requirements and the selected constraints of comfort and safety of the navigation.
The service is available through a simple web interface, allowing to set every computing option and to visually evaluate the proposed solutions.
The key idea is to couple the route and speed optimization engine with a ship simulator (digital twin) able to describe, on the basis of an appropriate parameterization, a very realistic ship model. It makes use of sea keeping calculations for the estimation of added resistance and ship motions in order to predict the fuel consumption and the effects of the sea conditions on the propulsive performance, the safety and the navigation comfort.
More information can be found in the product leaflet and on the SmartNautilos website.

SmartNautilos product leaflet