The project realizes an IT infrastructure for the generation, integration and sharing of detailed sea-weather information on a sample area (Ligurian Sea and North Tyrrhenian Sea). It is financed by the call POR FESR 2017 Axis 1 "Research and Innovation" and developed by a partnership between OnAIR (leader), PM_TEN and XEDUM.
SINDBAD foresees a first phase of activity aimed at the characterization and integration of heterogeneous components able to provide sea-weather data, including:

  • a forecast component for surface waves and currents, with high levels of detail and reliability, based on an HF oceanographic coastal radar system, for the development of nowcasting combined with numerical models for forecasting sea-weather conditions;
  • a numerical component with dynamic downscaling techniques for processing high-resolution wind and wave data;
  • a high-resolution modeling of the sea-weather conditions near the landings, to ensure safe access to ports.
    A second phase of activity involves the development of an easily accessible web portal able to provide services aimed at the safety of navigation, based on simulation techniques and numerical optimization developed in the project. These services will include:
  • the possibility of assessing the degree of risk and the comfort of navigation on routes chosen by the user and by type of boat;
  • the forecast of drifting trends in the event of a possible failure.
    More information on the official website of the project.