Swimming Behaviour Analysis of Marine organisms

Moon jellyfish (ephyrae) and other gelatinous animals exhibit very distinct modes of motion that are visually recognizable to human observers. OnAIR, in close collaboration with the Institute for the Study od Anthropical Impact and Susteinability in the Marine Environments of CNR (IAS), is realizing an automatic system to analyze several types of motion patterns, and to generate quantitative information useful for control.
The system uses modern computer vision techniques to detect and describe the key motion modes and the mode changes typical of these animals. Specifically, the system is able to distinguish between active and resting modes, and to detect and monitor rhythmic patterns (pulsations) in the body motions of these animals, whose frequency provide reliable information about their health state. The frequency of pulsations is a natural behavioural end-point that can be used for ecotoxicological investigation.