OVMeter (Ostreopsis Ovata Meter) - Automatic cell counting system for Ligurian Sea and statistical analysis of the correlation with environmental variables

Programma attuativo regionale Fas 2007-2013 Progetto 4 "Programma triennale per la ricerca e l'innovazione: progetti integrati ad alta tecnologiaā€¯

Main contractor: OnAIR - Partners: Gruppo SIGLA, DHI, Sitem, Unige-DISTAV, CNR-IBF

The project aims to realize an efficient monitoring system for toxic algal blooms, with reference to Ostreopsis ovata, and to provide an alert service in which blooms are predicted on the basis of environmental variables. So it is developed a new hw/sw automatic counting system and defined a predictive statistical model for algal concentration.

Inside the project, On AIR is involved, for the computer vision component, in the following tasks:

  • automatic image processing and counting algorithm development
  • integration of 2D and 3D images
  • training of a robust cell classifier by machine learning

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