Since the establishment of the company, parts of internal resources have been devoted to R&D activities, participating in EU and National research projects.

To benefit from innovation results, the current or completed research activities are strongly related to the application areas of the company.

R&D activities often set up research grants in collaboration with Universities or Research Institutions, with the aim to explore themes of common interest.
The following research grants are currently active:

  • 3D Stereo Monitor: 3D model development from stereo images in marine applications (CNR-ISMAR)
  • 3D Wave: 3D reconstruction of sea waves in amplitude, wavelength and direction by stereo imaging(CNR-IBF)
  • AlgaMeter: Development of an automatic cell counting system to evaluate algae concentration in sea water (CNR-IBF)
  • Weather Routing: Ship route optimization with respect to marine and weather conditions (UNIGE-DITEN)

In close connection to R&D activities, many teaching activities are carried on at the Mathematics Department of the Genoa University, in the degree courses in Mathematics and Statistics. Presently, the activated courses are:

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