With reference to the Optimisation systems area, On AIR took part in the following co-funded research projects:
Multilevel Advanced Railways Conflict resolution & Operation control TR1037 - Telematics for Transportation/Rail
Design and development of automatic traffic management tools in railways equipped with traditional signalling

enhanced COntrol center for a Moving Block sIgNalling systEm

TR4004 - Telematics for Transportation/Rail
Development and test of an advanced Management System (TMS) for real-time traffic optimisation in railways equipped with moving block signalling systems

enhanced COntrol center for a Moving Block sIgNalling systEm - 2
Extension of the research developed within the COMBINE project to large railway networks equipped with fixed and moving block signalling systems
Parco Scientifico e Tecnologico della Liguria
MODLOG: System for real-time control and management of logistics networks equipped with advanced multi-modal terminals (Metrocargo)
- ODESSA: Development of optimization methods for shipping in order to improve the energetic efficiency of the navigation
- DEEPGEN: Design and optimization of the positioning of a mobile underwater micro-generator exploiting marine currents
MIUR - Legge 297/13
PLUG-IN: Urban Mobility Platform with Information Management from Hetereogeneous Sources
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