Established in 1995, On AIR is an Italian SME with extensive experience in researching and developing innovative solutions for traffic and production optimization, image and video recognition, statistical analysis.

ON AIR activities mainly focus on transport applications (railway and marine traffic control and optimal scheduling), autonomous video surveillance systems (for outdoor and underwater applications), advanced optical reading devices (OCR and symbol recognition) and automatic counting system for microscopy. Works closely with the Science and Engineering Schools of the University of Genoa, and joins the main technological Ligurian districts:

  • SIIT - Liguria District of Integrated Intelligent Systems
  • DLTM - Liguria District of Marine Technologies
  • DIXET - Club of High-Tech companies
  • PLSV - Life Sciences LIgurian Pole
  • TRANSIT - Tehcnologies and Research Network Security and Intermodality in Transport
  • SOSIA - System of System and Intelligent Automation

Successfully participates in Research and Innovation projects, founded by:

  • Liguria Region (POR-FESR)
  • Italian Government (MIUR-MISE)
  • European Union (H2020, CNBC-MED)