On AIR can profit from its relevant background in producing software tools for computer vision applications. On AIR operates as a partner for industrial automation industries and services, devising and developing software tools tailored to the user needs. The developed products can be based on either vision methodologies provided by On AIR, or algorithms and methods provided by the users or the scientific international community.

The solutions developed by On AIR in the recognition field are based on the following technologies:

  • Image and video processing
  • 2D and 3D shape recognition by statistical learning
  • Character recognition (OCR and ICR)
  • Motion tracking on image sequences
  • Abnormal behaviour detection and reporting
  • Videocameras calibration in various operational frameworks
  • 3D objects reconstruction from multiple views
  • Stereometrics systems (active and passive)
  • Smart digital data compression (audio and video codecs)
  • Optimised software for embedded platforms
  • Objective image and video quality assessment
  • 3D digital data representation
  • Geolocalized maps visualization